Service Times
SUNDAYS @ 10:00 AM

Current Location
67 West St. Suite 207
Brooklyn, NY 11222


About Us

 is a new Independent Baptist church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Some of the first members of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church of Astoria were residents of Greenpoint. Since that time over 20 years ago, that church has been praying for an Open Door to start a new Baptist church in Greenpoint. God led the Michael Newburger family to Astoria to learn from their experiences and begin a new church in Greenpoint.

We are a church that believes that the Bible is God's Holy Word. It is the center of our ministry. We use the name Baptist because it links us to a group of people who down through the ages have held to a simple belief that what the Bible says is true. Our church offers no mystical experiences, just real Bible answers for life's greatest questions.

Being part of a church "plant" is an exciting experience. Having the opportunity to see a church grow from the ground level can do wonders for our faith. The most exhilarating part of a church's growth takes place within the lives of its people. Someone may ask, "what demographic are you trying to reach?" The answer is, "everyone!" That is the amazing thing about a church, people from all ages, nationalities and economic backgrounds can come together to serve Christ. We are excited to see what God is going to do at North Brooklyn Baptist Church. We invite you to join us for one of our services.

North Brooklyn Baptist Church is an outreach work of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church of Astoria.


Local Church
Our church reflects the people of our city who have been transformed by the gospel of Christ.

Eternal in Focus
Serving people in their physical lives is important but our most urgent need is spiritual.

Bible Centered
The Bible is the final authority for all faith and practice. We preach, teach and live this book.